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Vocality Text To Speech Tool V1.0

Vocality is a text-to-speech (TTS) app that uses the text-to-speech engine(s) installed on your device to playback text or generate .wav files. You can use it to generate speech samples for inclusion in your music projects, phone alerts, ringtones or just for fun!


  • Supports multiple TTS engines (Google, Ivona, SVOX etc.)
  • Choose between all TTS installed languages
  • Create presets for saving your favourite engine/language/speed/pitch combinations
  • Save the entered text as one .wav file or broken into one file per word

If you don't have a TTS engine installed on your device already (for example if you're using a custom ROM), Vocality will prompt you on startup and give you the option to install the default Google TTS engine languages.


  • External storage: All generated samples are saved to user's choice of directory on sd-card equivalent.

Download the Vocality manual here: Vocality Manual

Please report any bugs or issues to vocality@polynomialcsoftware.com

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